Fuel IT


25 Carn Road
BT63 5WG
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

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FUEL became involved with Colin Turkington in 2014 signing him up as a company ambassador for their re-brand of their IT business. Since then the relationship has grown year on year with another partnership confirmed for the 2019 season. FUEL are now Colin Turkington’s official IT partner.

In 2015 FUEL became the new ‘Business Partner’ of multinational software corporation SAP, which operates in 130 countries across the globe.

FUEL, which has achieved on average 30% growth in new market share across Ireland and the UK over the last few years is one of Northern Ireland’s leading Sage and IBM Business Partners.

Over the past 21 years the company has continued to grow, develop and evolve its offering in line with a very fluid IT sector and the partnership with SAP further supports its strategy of gaining market share providing innovative solutions that enable SME’s to maximise efficiency and drive profitable growth.

FUEL consultants possess specialist IT knowledge in a number of sectors including manufacturing, agri-food, healthcare services, public sector, and not-for-profit organisations.