Are you fast…
but not fast enough?

We can help

Are you are a novice driver wanting to learn the basic principles of race driving, learn new circuits or simply how to drive your car faster? OR

Are you an experienced campaigner who has plateaued and ‘Can’t make the car go any quicker’? OR

Are you a budding professional driver who wants to find the last ‘tenth’ and become the ‘complete package’?

“We can help”

We can help

We can help

Colin "in action".



Preparation is everything.


In life we never stop learning and as a driver or sportsperson the same can be said. The best drivers tend to be the ones with the most experience, but more importantly the ones who work the hardest. Even Formula 1 drivers use coaches to help refine technique and find that winning ‘edge’.

When we start to take part in sport at a young age whether it is football, swimming, golf, tennis or athletics there are qualified coaches who teach basic skills, help to improve technique and advance our skill set. After this comes practice, hard work and dedication to be the best.

Being a racing driver is no different. Almost anyone can drive a car on the road, but to be in full control of a race car and actually ‘win’ races requires a completely different set of skills and mindset.

Using my in-depth experience I can quickly determine your skill set behind the wheel and highlight areas for improvement. Following this I will help you develop a plan to achieve your goals and move your driving to the next level.

I am a member of the Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS) since 2002 and a fully qualified Grade A instructor. I offer a full range of services including

• Trackside coaching
• In-car tuition
• Video and data analysis
• Simulator work

Full Control

Get the right mindset to win.

Driver Development Programme

Driver Development Programme

Be the driver on the podium.

Driver Development Programme

Are you prepared to realise your dream and pursue a career as a professional racing driver?

Due to the increasingly competitive nature of sport in the 21 century, the margins between athletes is much smaller than years ago and being ‘fast’ is simply not enough.

Through continued coaching, development, guidance and learning I can show you how to set the bar above the rest and achieve consistent success.

The programme focuses on how to….

• Prepare for Testing and Racing
• Formulate a Driving Plan
• Keep Driving and Circuit Records
• Drive in ‘the zone’ more frequently
• Manage your Mind for Driving
• Physically Prepare for Driving
• Manage Nutrition
• Self Appraisal and Assessment

If you REALLY want to stand on the top step of the podium and build a WINNING CV, then get in touch to find out more…Contact Us