Would you like to step up your output? Would you like to remove distractions from your competition weekends and have a clearer, more calm mind primed for performance? Imagine being able to trust that someone has already thought of every detail surrounding your mind and body needs. Enter Louise and her FLOW approach.

It’s time to achieve more, stress less and perform better.

Louise Turkington
Let Louise sweat the small details and allow yourself the opportunity to remain calm and composed for competition


Flow is a human performance coaching and competition support service for racing drivers. Flow by Louise Turkington is unique in it’s delivery providing an complete and comprehensive 360 degree one-one-one, high-performance support during competition and events.


The FLOW approach is a more holistic approach to driver performance, aiming to support the driver into the cockpit in the best possible shape both physically and mentally to deliver their ultimate performance.  Louise aims to help the driver become a master of their sport and promotes this mentality.

Rather than focus directly on the physiological, psychological, and nutritional approaches in isolation – the Flow approach considers the complete picture and implements a one-on-one support package around the driver that understands the stresses, strains and drains on their individual bodies and minds in competition.  Unlike traditional coaching, this approach pays particular attention to the multitude of variables that can negatively impact or enhance a drivers cognitive and physical performance.  Unlike traditional ‘performance coaches or personal trainers’, the FLOW approach encompasses every element of the driver’s wellbeing to promote progress in powerful synergy.

Louise looks at the bigger picture and applies support which encompasses every element of the driver’s wellbeing


The comprehensive FLOW one-on-one support aims to boost the driver’s mental and physical energy budget by preventing unnecessary drains, removing distractions, tending to the body needs and ensuring the health of the driver at all times. 


In high pressure environments and high intensity competition days, drivers operate in a state of mind that needs maintained.  They exist in a state of mind almost like that of someone in shock.  It’s a state of acute concentration, analysis and depth of thought.  By having Louise on hand 24/7 over these days it allows them to stay in their composed state of mind, knowing and trusting that everything relating to their human performance will be taken care of and managed by an experienced and fully devoted confidante. 


Development and improvement are synonymous with motorsport and that shouldn’t stop with the race car. When we start to pay attention to the human performance, the increase in potential is mind blowing. Louise’s approach is not about refining technique behind the wheel, instead it’s about getting the driver into the cockpit in the best possible shape to deliver the ultimate performance.


The Flow technique strives to ensure that the driver is in prime physical and mental condition at the start of every race.

Examples of areas Louise can manage and co-ordinate on race weekends:

  • Complete daily diary management to include chaperoning driver to all commitments on time and to committed time. 
  • Providing feedback on schedule, suggesting changes to reduce strain on driver. 
  • Briefing driver on all commitments. 
  • Time management for driver ensuring they do not have to think about the clock, removing risk of rush, ensuring that calm is maintained, ensuring that their energies are not spent on unnecessary drains. 
  • Driving driver to and from the circuit so that they simply show up without thinking and / or use the travel time to do work (onboards etc)
  • Kit management (helmet, fireproofs, suit, water bottles / hydration bladders, ear pieces, boots, team gear, hats) to include drying, cleaning, organisation – everything is ready to go when needed, functioning and where it should be. 
  • Meal and hydration management: ensuring nutrition and energy for performance is achieved at appropriate times, correct hydration, minerals replenishment depending on sweat loss and thermal stress.
  • Body checks for tight muscles, lactic release, pain, stiffness, injuries and provide therapy. 
  • Set up cold bath for recovery and revival dips.
  • Pre-session warm-ups and stretching routines.
  • Aiding with communication and coordination between driver and external / internal contacts in network to reduce effort from driver.  A trusted and knowledgeable message carrier.
  • Being on-hand for any urgent needs, wants or requests. 
  • Health management: full observation of driver ensuring prime condition.
  • Social media posting for driver to ensure driver is kept OFF phone. 
  • Providing calm and reassuring guidance and advice – mentoring.
  • Providing relevant facts and information to driver to support decision making and to keep them informed with RELEVANT info – acting as a source of trusted and helpful information
  • Full medicine, electrolyte and body aid kit carrier (gels, creams, pain relief, bands etc).
  • Assistance with guests and family ensuring they are looked after.
  • Shopping
  • Louise aims to help the driver network feel the ‘Team Mission’ and is intentional about encouragement to the human resource network surrounding them.


During the relationship and on race weekends Louise aims to guide, support and educate on areas such as:

  • Sleep protocols
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Heat acclimatisation
  • Hydration strategies in lead up to event
  • Health and fitness – training plans for competition
  • Recovery protocols
  • Preparation assistance – is the driver doing everything they can to be prepared? Ensuring no blind spots.
  • Supplement suggestions
Louise has years of priceless experience


“When we draw our focus to the intricate details of the human performance cycle – so from preparation to race to recovery and back again we can really dig deep on improving the output of the driver. The goal is to get them performing to their best, delivering that ultimate performance and most importantly, sustaining it.”

We’re dealing with people not machines here, so it’s critical for me to build a relationship whereby I can intuitively figure out how we do that. Whatever it takes, I’ll be there.

Louise Turkington – Flow

Providing professional and sophisticated performance coaching



  • The driver can dedicate more of their mental capacity to their own preparation and driving not the ‘noise’ around them.
  • Louise is their ears and eyes on the ground.  She will observe and care for them with an attention to detail that ensures their wellbeing and allows their human performance in the race car to reach its potential. 
  • Louise will ensure their energies are not drained by unconscious activities or decreased by external / internal personnel when in this vulnerable state of mind.  Often when things are going well, people let their guard down and this can be exposing to unseen threats such as mental fatigue. 
  • The Flow focus is ALWAYS on the next performance and getting the driver turned around for that in the best possible shape.  Louise will only ever have the driver and their current state of body and mind as the focus – like the engineer with the car. 
  • The Flow approach is always thinking of the bigger picture – like tyre management for example, whereby the setup and driving style must respect the tyre life, our package and approach with the driver must be sustainable. 
  • It is the responsibility of Flow to be always mindful of preventing burnout and to promote consistency of the human performance.  This applies to the daily life of the driver as much as the management of them during competitions.  Often, we see athletes and high performers burn out because they overuse their strengths such as resilience, ability to focus, work ethic, relentlessness – but in doing so they miss out on the warning signs their body sends them – telling them to recover or a need for change.
No blind spots – Louise will ensure you don’t miss a trick in performance
  • Louise values the importance of the ‘enjoyment factor’ and her support aims to help the driver enjoy the complete process of a competition weekend more.  
  • The planning and organisation by Louise will help simplify the workload on competition days, create valuable habits and reduce physical and mental fatigue.
  • The primary role of Louise is to ensure a reduction in driver’s physical and mental fatigue thereby improving performance and reducing recovery time.
  • The little things tally up. Taking care of anything and everything on events, Louise will move mountains to ensure race weekends run smoothly. The plan is to create an environment where the driver doesn’t have to sweat about the small stuff allowing a clear and composed mind primed for performance.


Motorsport thrives on discovery. Louise is acutely aware of the importance of discretion within paddocks and around people. All client business, information, and personal matters will always remain strictly confidential.


If you’re thinking about enhancing your performance behind the wheel and want to fulfil your potential – the time is now.